Former Chelsea boss slams ‘ridiculous’ Anthony Taylor

Chelsea lost to Arsenal in the FA Cup Final last night in what was a very poor showing from Frank Lampard’s team.

However, their efforts were not helped by Referee Anthony Taylor, who made a string of terrible decisions against Chelsea throughout the game and it really did end up effecting the result.

The worst decision was sending off Blues midfielder Mateo Kovacic for an apparent second bookable offence which let’s face it, even a toddler could see that this was never a yellow card offence.

This put Chelsea down to ten men and in a pretty much impossible position to try and get back in the game.

But Taylor was terrible all game and Chelsea fans were left fuming.

Former Chelsea boss Glenn Hoddle was also stunned at the Kovacic red card and slammed the decision as ‘ridiculous’ to BT Sport after the match, as reported by Football London.

Hoddle said:

“To get sent off for that is ridiculous, it really is.

“To be sent off for that as a second offensive, the first one yes of course, but take a second to look at it.

“That is where every ex professional footballer knows it is not a second offensive to be sent off. “