Chelsea want €20m for midfielder, but Italian giants are reluctant to pay

Chelsea have a number of players they need to sell this summer in order to balance the books, and those returning from loan are top priority.

Tiemeoue Bakayoko has been sent to a few different destinations to get his career back on track after a horror year at Chelsea, but it’s not worked out. Luckily, AC Milan, one of the places he’s spent time, are actually interested in bringing him back, permanently this time.

Italian transfer Nicolo Schira, who is always pretty well connected when it comes to moves on the peninsula, Tweeted the following this morning:

It shouldn’t be a huge surprise, as we’ve heard whispers of their interest previously, and it was clear that despite his falling out with Gennaro Gattuso at the end of his previous spell there, the midfielder was highly regarded at Milan.

The question now is whether a compromise on the price can be reached. Chelsea have been hoping that he would shine again on one of these loans to bump up his value, but if they’ve now accepted that’s not going to happen, they should probably take whatever Milan are offering.