“I’ll be clear… it was inevitable” – Giroud explains his feelings about major transfer

Chelsea fans thought they were excited about the prospect of Hakim Ziyech arriving this summer, when the news was announced back in February.

So imagine how they felt when an even bigger and more impressive signing was announced a couple of months later. The word that Timo Werner was coming caused an even bigger reaction in the fanbase, and one can be sure there was surprise and excitement in the playing squad too.

Olivier Giroud is one man who might be forgiven for being less enthusiastic – he’s the one whose place is under threat for one thing. But in an interview published this morning on Chelsea’s official website, he’s insisted he wasn’t surprised, let alone upset.

“I’ll be clear, this arrival is an additional motivation,” explained the former Arsenal man.

“And I think it was inevitable that the club would recruit a striker,” he went on.

We can agree with that for sure. Since it became clear that Alvaro Morata wasn’t going to do the business we’ve looked keen to upgrade in that area, and Giroud has known this day was coming.

He rose to the challenge without question this season to earn his place back off Tammy Abraham – but doing the same with Werner will be significantly tougher.