(Video): Frank Lampard explains how Christian Pulisic is matching the “top attacking players” in the world

The coronavirus break gave players all over the league a chance to reset their seasons, and nobody benefited more than Christian Pulisic.

He was struggling with a niggling injury back in the spring, but the three month break allowed him to reset, and now he’s moved to another level, playing well but also finding the net and winning vital penalties.

Most of our points since the restart have come directly from him, and in the interview on Sky Sports after the game Frank Lampard hailed his impact:

“You look around at the top attacking players in the world – they score goals. They score goals regularly that win games, and he’s doing that,” the Chelsea boss enthused.

That’s been the difference so far. In a team that has done tons of great things but often lacked a little in the box, Pulisic has had the end product to get us over the line.

You can see the clip here: