(Video): “The clause still exists” – Chelsea can still buy £40m defender before Man City complete deal

Chelsea let Nathan Ake go to Bournemouth with the agreement that they could buy him back at any point for £40m.

There was a lot of discussion last summer that that might happen then, but the transfer ban ended that talk for another year.

Now we’re hearing that Manchester City are closing in on the defender, leaving many Blues fans wondering if we can still nab him ourselves.

According to Sky Sports’ reporting from the scene today, we can… but we won’t.

They say “the clause still exists,” but it’s something that Chelsea “aren’t looking to do at the moment.”

There is a “short period of time” once the Cherries inform us of the agreement with Man City in which the Blues can exercise their right. But despite the wishes of some fans, it sound like we’ve got other plans.

You can see the full clip here: