Top sources deliver significant Havertz to Chelsea updates

The Kai Havertz to Chelsea transfer saga appears to be typically going in the way that the majority of transfer deals go.

As the clubs negotiate, top sources struggle to keep up and get the latest news, with it looking likely that the deal is being kept as tightly under wraps as possible by both clubs.

Chelsea have been in negotiations with Bayer for the transfer of Havertz, with transfer guru Fabrizio Romano posting this days ago now.

The day before this post, the reliable Christian Falk of BILD in Germany tweeted saying the deal was getting hot and that Bayer do not insist on Havertz playing in the Europa League for them next week.

But Falk has now tweeted yesterday that Bayer DO now want Havertz to play in the Europa League, and Romano apparently claims that was never in doubt.

It looks like these updates were forced off the back of Bayer boss Voller saying Havertz will play Europa League.

It really shows that the deal is actually being kept very much behind closed doors and even the most reliable reporters are struggling to get information.