Still a chance of Willian contract extension despite existing stalemate

Willian’s contract situation has been the same for so long that any significant update is rare.

He wants three years, the club won’t offer more than two. That’s the situation as it was a year ago, and it looked like it there was only one conclusion – the Brazilian leaving at the end of this mini season-finisher.

The focus so far was on whether Willian would sign his short term deal. Now he’s done that, there are even whispers of a flicker of a chance of a new longer term contract. As you can see in the Tweet below, Nizaar Kinsella of today announced an interesting development – that Chelsea are “re-opening” talks.

It’s a nice idea, but also seems unlikely at this stage. He can get so much money from a free transfer, that it’s hard to see staying at Chelsea with a year less.

After a long and successful connection, it still looks to us like he will be off on a lucrative free this summer, unless something major changes.