“I start my team from the back” – Former Chelsea star slams Frank Lampard’s tactics

Chelsea are currently third in the league, yet have conceded 49 goals – the most by any club within the top 11 in the division.

This is a very poor statistic and emphasises how bad Chelsea have been at leaking goals this season.

It’s remarkable that they have still ended up in third place, as it stands.

But that is a mix of a little bit of good fortune, and managing to score a lot of goals as well as concede.

But former Chelsea midfielder Gus Poyet believes that this is no way to setup your team, and he wants to see more balance from Frank Lampard’s tactical setup.

Speaking after the 3-0 loss to Sheffield United, Poyet criticised Lampard’s setup giving an example that he starts his team ‘from the back’.

As per The Metro, Poyet said:

“We are all different, that’s the good thing about football, we all train in a different way, we all think in a different away.

“For example, myself, even if I like my team to treat the football very well, and pay attention and create attacks, I start my team from the back.

“I make sure that first we are organised, we are tight, we make it difficult for the opposition, we care about not conceding, like our goal is our house, they cannot get in there.

“Sometimes we try to split, he’s a offensive manager, he’s a defensive manager, and there’s nothing in between, but there is. The best teams in the world defend very well and attack very well.

“It’s having the right balance and that’s what I want to see from Chelsea next year – a better balance in their play. More practical sometimes, win 1-0, why not?

“The best teams in the world win leagues winning 1-0 when they are not having a good day. Today was a day for Chelsea to say, ‘we’re not having a good day, let’s make sure we’re solid, we’ve got enough players to score a goal and we win 1-0’.

“I would start with that, to have a better organisation in terms of defending.

“I’m not going to take out Zouma because he’s a very strong defender. Without going too far, the tackle the other day against Crystal Palace in the last minute, there are not many players who can do that.

“But today he was static. He was static in everything. ‘Even in the last goal which everyone will remember for [Antonio] Rudiger not kicking the ball away but he [Zouma] doesn’t even try to stop the cross.”

Of course every manager will setup differently, but Lampard certainly needs to do something to stop his leaky defence, because as it stands, this will prove a real issue going into next season if not addressed.