Former Chelsea fan favourite says being at the club was “the best decision of my career”

Chelsea have had many great players come and go at the club and some of these players have formed a special bond with the supporters and the club itself.

When former Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas arrived at Chelsea from Barcelona in 2014, there was a lot of talk about the fact he was a player who played for a close rival over 200 times, and the fact he had chose to join Chelsea over going back to Arsenal.

It is safe to say that his Chelsea career really took off, and he even had his own song ‘Fabregas is magic’ created for him by doting Blues fans.

Since leaving the club, Fabregas is constantly tweeting and commenting on the general affairs at Stamford Bridge, and he is still fully involved and supporting the team.

It’s great to see it and the former Spanish international will always hold a special place in the hearts of Chelsea fans, and it looks like the club will always hold a special place in his heart.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Fabreags said:

“I always believe that things happen for a reason and in this case, in theory, it was not supposed to happen, me joining Chelsea.

“When I told my agent I wanted to go back to the Premier League, I thought it was Arsenal. In my eyes, in my heart and in my mind, I’m going back to Arsenal and that’s it. This is what I was thinking and expecting.

“But it didn’t happen. Arsenal had the option but they didn’t take it, so we had to find other solutions and that’s when we met Jose. I listened to Jose because of who he is and because of the respect I had for him, and I ended up loving his words, his ideas, his future at Chelsea, what he wanted from me. In one second you change your mind, you make a big decision in your career and it turns out to be a fantastic one. So never say never, that’s my lesson from all of it and I’m very happy I took the decision.

“My heart belongs to both clubs. I know it sounds politically correct, but it really is what I feel. When I was with Arsenal I never believed I could feel what I felt towards Chelsea. It was impossible. But this is the beauty of football.

“It was my opportunity as a football player, as a professional. But when I took that chance, I never thought I would be so happy there, that I would be so successful and that I would have so much appreciation and feeling with their fans. So now I support both clubs equally.

“When I was at Arsenal, I felt so completely in love with that club. From the start, when I was training and made my debut with the ‘Invincibles’. There was something inside of me that was impossible to ever go away because I probably had the best years of my life there. But being at Chelsea is something that I will never regret in my life; in fact completely the opposite. I will always talk about Chelsea and about my time at Chelsea as probably the best decision of my career.”