Fan points out Chelsea defender’s amazing stats this season

Cesar Azpilicueta has had some brilliant seasons at Chelsea, and this is turning into another one.

He’s certainly got more ups and downs in his game than he had in his peak, where he was dominant for every game, but there’s no doubt he can still be a top level producer.

He picked up an assist this week to improve further on his attacking numbers, and Chelsea fan on Twitter posted his updated stats for the campaign after the Watford game.

As he points out, the club captain’s numbers are truly impressive. The most assists on the team, the most interceptions, tackles and blocks. The second most aerial duels, clearances and ball recoveries.

Of course part of the reason he’s so highly ranked in those categories is that he’s played so much. But his great versatility and constant availability are part of what makes him so great, you can hardly take that away from him.