James Maddison’s historical ‘like’ on Instagram adds fuel to Chilwell to Chelsea rumours

Transfer rumours have changed over the years as we see more and more social media outlets pop up.

You can quite often get your best transfer rumours and hints from the likes of Twitter and Instagram these days as players will often give hints or get caught slipping.

Now whether this was just a completely innocent like, or whether he knew something we didn’t know, Leicester City midfielder James Maddison has added a bit more fuel to the already hot Ben Chilwell to Chelsea rumours.

Chelsea are prioritising a move for Chilwell this summer, according to The Guardian, and a number of other reliable reports.

Leicester are asking for at least £60 million, but Chelsea are trying to negotiate a lower fee. The key point in the report though is the claims that Chilwell wants the move.

We were alerted yesterday by a post that Chilwell put on his Instagram page back in September, in which a Chelsea fan commented ‘CHELSEA 2020’ with a thumbs up.

Chilwell’s team mate Maddison liked this comment, which is a little puzzling to say the least. We will soon find out whether this move has been in the pipeline for sometime or not…