Chelsea add another top player to their squad to reduce title odds

We don’t even know when the transfer window is going to open again, and Chelsea have effectively already secured two huge signing for next season.

OK, we don’t want to jump the gun on the Timo Werner signing just yet, and until a player is holding up the shirt you can’t start celebrating. But as far as anyone can tell, the deal is done and the striker will be joining once this season is concluded.

You can add him to the agreed deal for Hakim Ziyech to call Chelsea perhaps the only team in the top flight to have upgraded two first team positions before the season has even finished.

If you were betting on the Blues to win the league next season at the 7Sultans Casino you will have seen the odds come in as Frank Lampard added another quality body to the squad.

He already had talent to work with, now he has two players who have recent superb Champions League form on their CV. With great prices agreed for both.

One priority move is still outstanding – a new left back to really complement the quality of Reece James and Cesar Azpilicueta on the right. There are other needs too, perhaps a top central defender and a new defensive minded midfielder. But you can’t do change at once, and being patient window by window is serving us well at the moment.

All this adds up to one thing – improving odds for a potential Chelsea title challenge next season. A top level centre forward and a creative presence to replace the departing Willian and Pedro adds a huge amount to Lampard’s team, and if he can get everything clicking he really does have a significantly better starting lineup now than he did a year ago.

When you consider the improvements you can expect players like Tammy Abraham, Mason Mount and Reece James to make in their second seasons playing in the first team, it all adds up to a very promising picture.

There may even be further additions. Ben Chilwell at left back is not a universally popular option among fans, but seems to strongly have the approval of the manager over more uncertain foreign options without a several seasons of Premier League experience under their belt.

Of course Manchester City and Liverpool are setting an incredible pace in the Premier League at the moment, and even getting close to them should be considered an achievement. But Chelsea can only close the gap step by step, and so far this summer they’ve taken a couple of big ones.