Report: Chelsea midfielder willing to reunite with former Boss

There looks to be what could become of the transfer sagas of the summer really starting to bubble up now.

Chelsea midfielder Jorginho is always going to be linked with joining Juventus, just as he was last summer.

His former Napoli and Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri is of course the manager at Juventus, so this is always going to draw rumours despite it appearing that the Italian international is happy at Chelsea, and Chelsea appearing happy to keep him.

However, this is football, we all know that things are often not what they seem and anything can happen.

A report ran by We Ain’t Got No History yesterday picks up on some latest reported details on this story.

Jorginho’s Agent has claimed that “there has yet to be any contact between Jorginho’s camp and Juventus.”

However, an Italian reporter who seems to have close contacts to Sarri, Alfredo Pedulla, says otherwise.

He believes that there “has been contacts between the two parties,” and that “Jorginho himself is willing to reunite with his former coach.”

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