N’Golo Kante excused from Chelsea training return because of coronavirus fears

The Telegraph have tonight revealed in an exclusive that Chelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante has been excused from training by the club.

It’s all rather confusing because pictures of him back at Cobham with his teammates were published yesterday – the fact his hair had grown out was causing some amusement.

But clearly something since has spooked him, and the France international has for asked and been given permission to miss out – it’s not clear for how much longer.

He wasn’t there today, apparently with the permission of the club and of Frank Lampard.

Kante has had health issues in the past – he fainted at Chelsea’s training ground two years ago and had an older brother who died of a heart attack.

It’s hoped that as the number of cases continues to dwindle, he will feel more comfortable training and eventually playing again.

The list of players who have problems with “Project Restart” is small, but does seem to be getting longer, across the league.

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