Frank Lampard’s impressive daily routine in quarantine

It’s not just the Premier League players who have been stuck at home for months – the coaches have been sitting on their hands too, and Frank Lampard gave some interesting insight into what he’s been up to on the club’s official website.

The Chelsea manager talked us through his daily routine, starting with an early morning walk with his dog. Always someone who has been obsessed with self-improvement, he’s even picked up some new skills while stuck around the house:

“I spend some time with the family, learning a few new things! Now I can cook some more dishes at home and all of those sorts of things.”

As you might expect exercise plays a big part for the fitness freak, and after his morning walk with the dog he’s right back into action:

“I like to exercise regularly, so I tend to try and get out and go for a run, or get on the bike and do things, which is always good for me mentally.”

But once he’s done with his own needs, it’s on to the club he manages, and it sounds like he’s making the most of the new-found time available.

“And then a lot of work. At the moment I spend quite a lot of time on the computer at home contacting people, whether it be the players, or staff at Chelsea, planning training sessions for the future. I’m always trying to keep my mind engaged. I’m certainly occupying my time well.”

That doesn’t surprise us, Lampard was never one to slack off on the pitch, and we don’t imagine him slobbing around in his trackies all day, despite the fact that that kind of behaviour is basically being encouraged by the government right now.

He’s also getting a great chance to look back on the season so far and what his team did right and wrong:

“I have watched a lot of games back from this season, focusing on particular parts of the team that I always want to improve. Sometimes when you have game after game you can’t reflect, you’re always looking forward, but I’ve had time to do that.”

Let’s hope all this time for introspection helps Frank consolidate a promising debut season as boss. We will soon see the team back on the pitch so we can assess how well he’s been spending this time.


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