Emerson admits he “could” return to Serie A

Emerson Palmieri has today hinted again about leaving Chelsea, saying in an interview that a return to Serie A would tempt him.

Chelsea fans on the whole wouldn’t be too unhappy to see him go – one of the few things that unites both the match going and online fanbases of the club is a mutual apathy – at a minimum – towards the former Roma player.

Football Italia have the quotes, where he says that “a return to Serie A could happen,” while also reminding the interviewer that he has a “contract with Chelsea” and is in “no rush to go anywhere.”

It’s only natural that the 25 year old would cover his back like that though, unsure if the club will sell him, or that a club in Serie A wants to buy. The first part makes it very clear that he’s opening the door for a move though, and if the big name left back signing we all expect arrives at Stamford Bridge this summer, it would be no surprise to see Emerson go – whether that’s to Serie A or elsewhere.


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