Danny Drinkwater returns to training alongside headbutt recipient

Danny Drinkwater is one of the few people who might have been a little bit relieved about the coronavirus crisis.

He had been the attention of so much bad news in the last 12 months – including drink driving, fights with teammates and a return to action against Man City that saw him single-handedly give away 3 goals – that a global pandemic was about the one thing capable of distracting the world from his dreadful PR situation.

When we left off, he was in trouble with his loan team Aston Villa after a training ground brawl with a teammate that ended up in a headbutt.

But today the Sun reported he’s back in post-corona training with Villa, along with Jota, the man who received a headbutt for the former Leicester man.

Perhaps the road to salvation is still open for DD? This new reality is going to be full of opportunities for everyone, and if he gets his head down (not in that way), maybe there’s a chance he can bounce back?

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