Billy Gilmour’s Kante-like engine promises big things for midfield potential

It was announced today that football is coming back next month – not a moment too soon.

The poor journalists and pundits have been starved of new things to write about for so long that they’re really starting to scrape the barrel now. Sky Sports today published a list of which players have run the furthest in the Premier League… and we found it interesting, which tells you a lot about the state we’re in too.

The winner for Chelsea was Billy Gilmour, in the final match before the coronavirus hiatus. He covered 12.62km in that game, reminding everyone once again that he’s not just a floaty attacking creator, he’s an all action ball-playing central midfielder.

It’s actually not dissimilar to Cesc Fabregas, the player Gilmour has modelled his game on. When he was breaking through, Cesc was used quite deep in Arsene Wenger’s midfield, and he really got stuck in too.

Gilmour has more speed and the legs to cover even more ground, and these stats prove it. He can truly be moulded into whatever type of player Frank Lampard wants him to be.

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