Premier League Execs ‘fearful’ of being able to salvage the season

Despite clubs and officials determination to get the current Premier League season completed, fear is growing that it might not be feasible to salvage the current season in the face of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Many ideas have been floating around recently including the plan to get the season finished in June and July behind closed doors. But in reality, even that looks near impossible judging by the growth of this virus.

Now, according to The Athletic, Premier League Executives have grown fearful of being able to salvage this season at all.

They state that the panel have become desperate for ideas, with even the idea of going abroad to China in order to play out the rest of the season there.

The idea centres on the concept of examining the curves related to coronavirus cases across the world and identifying regions where it would be considered both safe on health grounds, and as it seems to be curving in China, this has become an option.