‘No clear front-runner’ to sign ‘lifelong Chelsea fan’ Jadon Sancho

The Jadon Sancho transfer saga has been an entertaining one so far to say the least.

He has been the cause of many social media debates amongst rival supporters of mainly Chelsea and Manchester United, who’s fans both believe they have a good chance of signing the England international in the summer.

However, according to The Sun, there is ‘no clear front-runner’ to sign the Dortmund winger, but Barcelona have pulled out of the race so they say.

They also cite The Athletic by saying that Sancho is a ‘lifelong Chelsea fan’, which in theory should give them the upper hand in the race.

His move will be dependent on which club gets Champions League football as this is important to the player, so we could be waiting a little while longer yet to know which club he goes to, or even if he decides to stay in Germany.

The story stays very much up in the air.