Chelsea players pushing for just 10% wage drop

Chelsea’s players are negotiating a small wage cut with the club in the light of the coronavirus hiatus.

It’s less than the club wants, but the players hold the cards and have their own plans for their money.’s Nizaar Kinsella had the report last night, and he outlined the negotiations as they stand.

While the Premier League are suggesting that top flight players offer to take a 30% wage cut; the player want to see their cash to directly towards the crisis.

The “Players Together” campaign will funnel money towards NHS services, but the clubs want money back too.

There does seem to be common ground though – a deferral of some type looks possible, and while the players won’t give up the 30% the club would like, even 10% or somewhere in the middle would make a difference.

Chelsea are leading the field in coronavirus response as a club, and that may could in their favour