Two European stars and a Premier League option as Chelsea look for goalkeepers

We don’t know when football will be coming back, so all we can really do is speculate about transfers for whenever the window is open.

One position we will definitely be looking to strengthen is in goal. Kepa had such a dodgy season that he ended up getting dropped, and it’s hard to imagine the club not aiming to sign someone else in that spot.

The Evening Standard names all three of the players who are currently bubbling up as prospective replacements for Kepa.

Two of them are established European stars – Manuel Neuer and Gigi Donnarumma, while Nick Pope has been bubbling up as an option from the Premier League.

None of them would come cheap, although Neuer’s contract is expiring. We still think that the club will be inclined to take a cheap veteran option this summer and give our world record goalie one more season to try and regain his form, or at least some of his value.