‘We scored a lot’ Lampard recalls time under Ancelotti and reveals they still keep in touch

Frank Lampard will meet up with his former Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti once again tomorrow when Everton arrive at Stamford Bridge.

Ancelotti will be allowed to be in his dugout as usual, after being sent off in his most recent Everton match. Concerns were that the FA would force him to be in the stands, but no such decision has been made, thankfully.

Lampard played under Ancelotti during some of Chelsea’s most golden days, and Lampard has said that the two still keep in touch now.

It was a free-scoring quality Chelsea side with immense attacking prowess, they were a real force to be reckoned with under Ancelotti, who quite frankly, should never have been sacked.

Tomorrow will be all about the three points though and any nostalgic reunions will soon be put aside once the football begins, there is a lot at stake.

But until then, Lampard has been warmly remembering the good days under Ancelotti to the Chelsea website.

He said:

“It was not the most vicious of red cards, was it? [Ancelotti’s sending off for Everton].

“I was surprised the sending-off came. Now [as a manager] I understand the emotions that are involved and I think that is probably as heated as he goes.

“He has taken his fine and moved on and I am pleased he is on the touchline. I want to see him and go up against him.
“Carlo was a great man-manager. On a personal level he was great at striking up a relationship with the players to try to get the best out them. He was very good tactically with a really calm manner at the right time, never too high, never too low, and he was someone I personally enjoyed working with.

“We had a very successful year in that first year to win the Double and from then, I have kept in touch with him now and again, and have huge respect for him.’

“We scored a lot, particularly in the run-in. We were fluid, we changed formation. Particularly we had a moment of change when we started with a diamond and we moved to 4-3-3 and he was finding the right formation for the players we had.

“I understand that, now I am a manager as well, it sometimes takes a bit of time, but he gave a relative freedom to the players in terms of how we attacked. I certainly remember that but also how tactically savvy he was, he had already won the Champions League before coming here. He was a top-class manager on all levels.

“For the group he was never too high and never too low and to see some consistency in a manager is a great thing. You didn’t have those mood swings that maybe I have now but you try to keep the lid on them. That was good for the group.

“Individually there was a good word in your ear at the right time. In a good moment I remember him boosting me and in a bad moment I remember him giving me words of encouragement. That was his method of working, to encourage, to give you targets, and I always found that enjoyable to work with.”
“Carlo was very well-respected in-house and by the fans who I think all respect his period at the club. He is a gentleman, a fantastic manager. I loved working with him personally and I think he will get a great reception.”