The Premier League plan to finish the season in quarantined World Cup style camps

Well, we may well actually see some football being played again sometime in the not so distant future, if the new Premier League plans go ahead.

According to the reliable Independent writer Miguel Delaney, Premier League bosses are currently discussing setting up World Cup style camps to house players in isolation, so that they can finish playing matches behind closed doors.

The camp would be setup in the Midlands in the UK and all remaining 92 matches will be televised in a ‘TV mega event.’

All games are aiming to be played throughout June and July.

The idea has reportedly gained government backing, too, as they like the idea of the population engrossed in the national sport, especially in the event that lock down measures are tightened or extended.

Despite it still being a very ambitious idea, and I am sure many things will need to be considered yet, the idea of at least having live football back on our screens would be an appealing aspect for most.