PL reportedly ban clubs from using words ‘null and void’ over fears of season ending

The Premier League season is pretty much up in the air right now. The intentions from the FA is to get the season finished eventually. But of course in these unprecedented times, this is becoming all the more complicated by the day.

Fears are now growing that the season may not be able to finish and will end up being void, according to The Daily Mail.

They claim that as a result of this, and fears that broadcasters will seek a rebate of the £3bn TV deal, they have banned clubs from using certain terms like ‘null and void’ when talking about what could happen this season.

Instructions have been sent out from the Premier League HQ telling clubs to use the word ‘curtailed’ instead.

This is because it will provide more legal protection against broadcasters seeking a rebate on the top flight’s £3 billion annual television deal.

It really does show just how crazy this situation is.