“One of the best young players in the world” – JT keen for Chelsea to add this super talent

John Terry is not Chelsea captain anymore. In fact, he’s assistant manager at a rival team in the league.

But JT will always be Chels, and every interviewer who goes to talk to him would rather get his take on what’s happening at the Bridge rather than what’s happening at Aston Villa.

Hence the quotes from the former Blues defender today talking about Jadon Sancho.

Terry, in quotes picked up by FourFourTwo, said that Sancho was a top talent and one that Chelsea should be doing everything in their power to secure:

“I think Sancho is one of the best young players in the world at the moment, so he’d be a great addition to Chelsea’s squad,” JT said.

“It would make us better as well, but the ones that have come through, the Billy Gilmours, Tammy, Mason, Reece [James], it’s endless isn’t it? There have been so many positives this season.”

He’s right, it’s just a shame that the season has been ended – for now. Who knows how all this affects Chelsea’s attempt to sign Sancho long term, but the progress the rest of the young team made this season can’t be taken away from them no matter what happens with the remainder of it.

If we line up next year with Sancho in the team, so much the better. We know one former Blues defender who would be very happy to see that.