No training for Chelsea for at least three weeks under new UK restrictions

It looks as though the Chelsea players will have to continue to carry on their home training routines, rather than returning to full training at Cobham once again.

The Blues were expected to return by April the 6th and reconvene training as a group.

However, the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson set up some new stricter guidelines last night in the face of the global Coronavirus pandemic.

One of those is that UK workers should only work if they are key workers. Professional football players will certainly not fit that category. Also gatherings of over two people are no longer allowed, this would mean group training will be a no go.

The measures are in place for at least three weeks initially.

The Chelsea players will be allowed to go for a run or a bike ride out in the open, but only alone or with members of their own household.

It will be a trying time for them, us, and the whole world.