National League set to be first to void, Premier League could be next

As it stands, the Premier League is set to reconvene after April the 30th, in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.

However, this seems massively optimistic with the virus still yet to peak. The UK is in lock down for the next three weeks at least, and realistically it is difficult to see any football being played for a good 2-3 months at the very least.

This could mean that even though announcements have been made with intentions to get the Professional leagues finished over the summer, it’s difficult to see any other conclusion than the season being void.

The National League are set to announce this for the lower leagues shortly, as reported by The Sun.

They also state that League Two are considering the same action.

In my view, the only reason that the higher leagues have not considered this as of yet, is due to TV coverage and rights.

The Sun say that this news ‘would send shock waves to Premier League and EFL sides.’