Former Chelsea star makes £25,000 donation in the fight against COVID-19

It is great to read headlines like the above in the face of such a worrying global pandemic.

These types of positive fight back stories are what will keep many of us going in face of such uncertainty.

We all know how stretched the worlds National Health Services are whilst fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, and sometimes many of them are even struggling to find time and resources to sit down and eat a hot meal themselves.

Former Chelsea player turned coach Joe Cole has stepped in to do his bit, by donating £25,000 to a charity that is offering meals and support to NHS workers during this time.

Cole is one of many high profile people speaking up and taking action to do their bit in the fight back, and we will need many more to do the same thing to get through this awful period in time.

As reported by The Independent, Cole said:

“I feel like this is a call of our generation.

“We need to stick together and these people who are doing what they are doing in hospitals up and down the country it is unbelievable.

“By donating or offering your business at some point, everything that can be given will be used on the front line. If you can give, please (do) and just take a look.

“The men and women are really digging in for us at the moment in very, very difficult circumstances and what Heroes is, is a fundraiser primarily that will help deliver fresh meals to the workers after they finish their shifts or before they finish their shifts, help with childcare so they can stay at work, psychological help from experts being called into the field, all sorts of things that we the British public can help with.”