Former Chelsea player thinks Kante is still not in his best position

N’Golo Kante had a bad season, riddled with injuries and poor results even when he was in the team.

That will all likely be forgotten now the season is on hold, and now the attention of the world is elsewhere. But when everything resumes, we will need to remember that the former Leicester midfielder was really struggling for us – to the point that some suggested he should be dropped.

Gus Poyet is certainly not one to hold back with an opinion, and according to him the problem is the same as it was under Maurizio Sarri in many people’s opinions: Kante is not being used in his best role.

“In very important games Lampard went with Kante, Jorginho and Kovacic until the last month with injuries,” Poyet said in quotes picked up by Nizaar Kinsella on

“In Kante’s first year, he came to Chelsea and I made it public that he is the best central midfielder in the world. After a previous season as a number eight in that different position, we lost how important and unique he was as a player.”

Many have praised Lampard for restoring Kante to a role closer to the one he had under Antonio Conte, but really it’s true that all of Lampard’s midfielders have more freedom in this system, and maybe that doesn’t suit Kante.

On the other hand, it feels to us more like it’s just the constant injuries that are slowing him down and preventing him from playing his best.