Former Chelsea player reveals season at new club ‘has been rubbish’

There are some players who leave a club and are instantly forgotten, and some who leave a real legacy and a massive hole behind them.

Eden Hazard would be welcomed back at Chelsea in an instant; there is not one fan, coach, or board member who would not bring him back if given the chance.

Chelsea have struggled since he left, they have been without a real game changing player, a player with the ability to score a goal from absolutely nothing, a player to lean on to get them out of trouble when under the cosh. Hazard was that man.

He joined Real Madrid last summer, describing it as his dream move. Naturally, it is the club he supported as a boy.

But things have been far from dreamy during his first season there. He turned up at pre-season over weight, he then suffered injury niggles, and he has really yet to light things up in La Liga.

Hazard has admitted that his first season ‘has been rubbish.’

Well Eden, you could always come home…