Chelsea’s Emerson shuts down ‘fake news’ about him and Frank Lampard

We are likely to be having more and more situations like this over the coming weeks. With no football being played, content is being written to fill media spaces and time that simply is not true.

Yesterday we say Tammy Abraham confirm a fake report claiming that he was demanding £180,000 a week wages at the club.

Shortly after this, Emerson did the same about a story written about him yesterday, which we reported on at the time and pointed out that it was likely to be untrue.

The report via Italian publication Tuttosport claimed that Emerson did not like Frank Lampard’s style of coaching, referring to him as a ‘sergeant’.

The Blues left back was quick to shut this down via his Instagram account, being quite literal with his response.

As reported by WAGNH, Emerson said:

“The world is going through a really difficult moment and there are journalist who want to spread fake news around to have content.

“I don’t speak too much, but here is my only and last statement regarding these news. I never said that and I think definitely the opposite of what was mentioned (without my knowledge).

“Respect and gratitude always. Enjoy your family.”

Absolutely spot on, and fair play to Emerson for going public with this. Hopefully it will discourage such nonsense to be written in future. If more players did this, there would be less fake news.