Chelsea star suggests managerial long-stay would bring more success

Chelsea have a history of hiring and firing over the last ten years, and it has pretty much become part of their strategy to win trophies.

You can argue that it has worked, as they have continued to bring in the trophies season after season largely using different managers.

A Blues boss has been lucky to stay more than one season over recent times, but it has still seen success.

However, perhaps times are changing, and perhaps claims that clubs should stick with a manager and give them time to build and create a team of their own, is actually what brings you sustainable success.

Chelsea winger Willian believes exactly this, and uses the success of Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool to emphasise that point.

In the case of his current boss Frank Lampard, it certainly makes a point. Lampard wants to build his own team and have time to mould the many young players in to top players. He is the perfect example of a manager that needs time to succeed, and I believe it will come, just like with Klopp.