Cesc Fabregas reveals why he chose to join Chelsea over Man Utd or Man City

Cesc Fabregas signed for Chelsea from Barcelona in 2014, and the love affair began.

Chelsea fans instantly took to him, despite him being a former Arsenal player and being an absolute menace whenever he played against them. But that was all part of what they grew to love about the player as well, his tenacity and spirit.

When he left to join Monaco in 2019, Chelsea fans were sad. But they can be thankful that they even had him turn out for their club for the previous 5 years, because he had other options.

In a feature by The Daily Mail, Fabregas has been talking about that time, and the options he had, including Arsenal turning down the chance to re-sign him despite it being his first choice to return there.

But as well as Chelsea, he was wanted by Manchester United and Manchester City also, but as we know, he chose Chelsea.

Fabregas told the podcast Arsecast:

“Once I decide to leave (Barcelona), Arsenal will have the first option of any other club and I cannot speak to any other club for one week to see if Arsenal want me or not.

“Arsene didn’t give an answer, we just had to wait one full week to see if they responded. Definitely this was my first option, in my mind I’m telling everyone I’m going to Arsenal – this is what I want.

“Arsene can see this. I didn’t want to be a beggar, they know the situation, in one week they haven’t said anything, straight away I knew they probably didn’t want me back. They waited the full week without giving me a response.

“After the week I had to take my chance, I had Manchester City, United and then I spoke to Mourinho – which I didn’t think would ever happen.

“To be honest, after I left the room with Mourinho I said “that’s it, I don’t need to talk to anyone else, I’m going to Chelsea.” What he told me, the team he wanted to make, what he thought of me, how he wanted me to play, this is what I wanted.

“On top of that it’s London not Manchester, London was my home.”