Antonio Rudiger explains life at home for footballers in isolation

It’s a Saturday where Chelsea fans are trying to make sense of a football-free schedule, and in many cases how to spend their time without their sport of choice.

The players are at a loose end too, and in a phone interview with Chelsea’s official website, Antonioi Rudiger tried to explain what they’re all up to in their homes in isolation at the moment:

“We are still self-isolating, which means staying at home, so that’s what I’m doing.

“This is something new for everyone and it’s a little bit scary. I am a very family person but I cannot even see them at the moment. It’s not possible to fly because you don’t know if you will catch something and bring it home.”

We’re all in the same boat Antonio. It’s a scary situation to be in knowing that you can bring an invisible and potentially deadly contamination into your own house, especially if you have young children like Rudiger.

At least they’ve been given exercise bikes, and personalised workout plans from the club to keep them occupied.

We have no idea when the games will restart, and it looks like being several months at least, so there’s no need for them to ramp up too hard. Instead they can hopefully enjoy this physical rest and the extra time with their family – although it’s hard to be too relaxed in these troubling times.