Replacing Willly and not Kepa could now be Chelsea’s best strategy

People will generally believe anyone with a “Blue Tick” on Twitter, which is a a dangerous precedent.

We’re not sure if this “falsewinger” guy is a total chancer or actually has some sources, but either way he’s wangled his way to the authority of being “verified”.

He tweeted this today about Chelsea’s goalkeeping situation:

Now we’re not convinced he has any sources here at all, or if he’s just making an educated guess that he can claim as a victory if it comes true. Either way, it’s a rumour that makes sense.

It’s hard to imagine Chelsea club giving up on struggling record signing Kepa after just 2 years and swallowing the huge loss of money that would entail.

Instead, bringing in a top class older keeper who can save us points and hopefully allow us to rehab Arrizabalaga’s confidence in the background could be a very sensible plan. In fact, we’re slightly surprised that no movs of that type were made in January.