“No sense” – Chelsea fans debate Jadon Sancho price tag

It’s the “winter break” in the Premier League, so perhaps it’s no wonder Twitter accounts are trying extra hard to drum up some interest.

The account @ChessyHour’s attempt at engagement was asking whether Jadon Sancho was worth “118m” (let’s assume they meant pounds sterling).

It elicited a mixed response online, with some claiming we could do a lot better for that money, and that deal makes “no sense”; and others saying we should pay whatever it takes to sign him.

He’s an elite youngster, and will cost at least that much we’d imagine. He’s almost certainly going to go somewhere this summer, and that sum looks like the lowest the fee would get. There can’t be many more coveted youngsters in the whole of world football right now.

You can see some of the fans responses here: