Mason Mount thinks he can play with Jack Grealish and James Maddison

Mason Mount was a shining light in the Championship last season, and he continued that hot form for the first couple of months in the top flight too.

Since then it’s been harder for him to find top gear, while his young English rivals have gone from strength to strength.

Jack Grealish and James Maddison are similar ages to Mason and are having exceptional seasons, especially the former, who is all but single handedly keeping Aston Villa afloat right now.

Speaking in the Daily Mail, Mount revealed that he doesn’t see the pair as rivals for an England place, and he can actually see them being able to play tog”ether in the future:

It’s brilliant there are so many young midfielders who are coming through and doing well in the Premier League. It is great for the country,” Mount mused.

“You see a lot of people comparing us to each other, whereas I think a lot of us can play together and learn from each other and work with each other,” he concluded.

We’d love to see that at Chelsea, to be honest. Grealish looks like he has the ability to be a truly next level player, and we’d love to see what he could create between the lines at Stamford Bridge.

Maddison’s season has tailed off a little, just like Mount’s but he is also a really impressive prospect who will probably attract big attention top clubs in the summer.