Lampard admits Willian’s words were ‘not ideal timing’

Tuesday night was a highly regrettable time for Chelsea fans, players and staff as they all wanted to quickly move on from the 3-0 defeat to Bayern Munich at Stamford Bridge.

The game was something of nothing for Chelsea as they were easily brushed aside in the Champions League by a much better opposition.

But there was no time to dwell on defeat as the Bournemouth game in the Premier League today was fast approaching.

So, for Chelsea player Willian to speak about his own future at the club immediately after the game was nothing short of stupid if you ask me.

But he did, he decided to reveal that it was not likely that he and Chelsea would agree a new contract because he wants a 3-year extension, but Chelsea are only offer 2.

His boss Frank Lampard was speaking to the press yesterday ahead of the match today, and although he decided to use a slightly less strong term to describe Willian’s actions and he stayed diplomatic about the situation, you can’t help but feel his annoyance..

As reported by Goal, Lampard said:

“It’s an ongoing conversation [Willian contract talks].

“Maybe not ideal timing [Willian’s words] but I don’t want to get too drawn into it because I am the manager of the team and don’t want to look too far [ahead].

“Some of the headlines this week had a sense of frustration for me because we’re working day-to-day to finish this season and we’re not jumping ahead to the summer. Willy’s one is an ongoing situation. It’s not over. We’ll see.”