“I’m not so sure that’s a good decision” – Tony Cascarino doubts Lampard’s managerial ability

Chelsea took a battering against Bayern Munich last night, there’s no doubting that. But in most people’s opinions, the Germans won because they just had a better team is almost every department. There wasn’t much Blues manager Frank Lampard could do.

On TalkSport, however, Tony Cascarino took the chance to have a dig at the Blues legend:

“I’m not convinced by his management at times this year, because I do think it’s an easy excuse just to go youngster, youngster – he’s changed that team a hell of a lot,” the former striker said on the station, as picked up by their website.

“I don’t like the Kepa issue. He deserved to get dropped, but keeping him out of the team – I’m not so sure that’s a good decision.”

Of course, let’s not forget this is TalkSport, who live on stirring up controversy like this. If Cascarino was working for a broadcaster not so focused on accumulating clicks and viral engagement, he might be less harsh.

To be honest, of all the things you might question Lampard for, the decision to Kepa wouldn’t be top of the list. In fact, many people would say that that has worked out rather better than expected.

But Cas will be Cas, and the chance to snipe at Chelsea rarely gets passed up by the pundit.