€15m adidas deal still causing N’Golo Kante problems with former agent

N’Golo Kante’s dispute with a former agent continues, reports The Sun today.

They say that the player’s former representative Nouari Khiari has hit out at the Chelsea star as the argument over the former Caen man’s image rights goes on.

Khiari has accused Kante, 28 of not paying him money owed for an image right deal. The five year €15m deal he just signed with adidas should mean several million for Kihiari – if you believe his side of the story that is.

Towards the end of last year, there were even accusations from Khiari that he had received very serious threats from Abdelkarim Douis, Kante’s current agent, over the matter.

All in all it’s a rather odd dispute, and not one you’d expect to hear the legendarily humble and selfless Kante involved in. Perhaps this is what’s affecting his performances on the pitch, which haven’t been to his usual standards recently.