“Classic Morata” – Some Chelsea fans show glee at striker’s miss

Chelsea fans had a very difficult time with Alvaro Morata.

We’d just won the title with Antonio Conte and then sold our favourite 9 at the time, Diego Costa. We needed to find someone top tier to replace him, and we spent big on Morata that summer.

He started brightly but then went into a kind of pit of despair for a year, and didn’t smile again until completed a loan move to Atletico Madrid.

They’ve agreed a deal to sign him permanently this summer, and after he missed a sitter against Liverpool in the Champions League last night, many Blues fans on Twitter were celebrating the fact that there was nothing they could do to cancel that agreement.

We don’t want to be too cruel on Morata, it just didn’t work out for him here. But given the frustration fans went through for a year, it’s understandable why they took some pleasure in his latest shocker coming for a different team: