Chelsea players return from winter break with 7 days to prepare for season defining run

After last week’s draw with Leicester City, the Chelsea squad were given a week off, and within what felt like minutes the team had scattered across the globe. Feeds were filling up with Instagram posts from Dubai, Miami and LA as the team took a deserved break.

The fun is over now, and they have reported back for training today.

After some fun in the sun, the reality should be setting in that this is going to be a tough couple of weeks. Their form is very poor at the moment, and no amount of chilling by the pool will erase that.

Their next three matches will rather define the season – Manchester United at home on Monday, then Tottenham Hotspur at the weekend and Bayern Munich in the Champions League after that.

All of those games are at Stamford Bridge, and each represents a huge challenge, but also a huge opportunity.

Let’s hope the break had the desired effect in allowing the players to clear their minds. If we were to carry on playing like we were in the last couple of months, the top 4 would become a very big ask.