Some Chelsea fans’ dream striker transfer target explains what he’s looking for in a summer move

Chelsea fans are desperate to add a top attacking option to their squad, and RB Leipzig’s Timo Werner is the dream option for many fans.

It wasn’t going to be possible to sign him in January, but in the summer a move for the brilliant young talent looks likely. He spoke to Kicker in his native Germany about the temptations of moving in the summer, and made it clear that playing in the Champions League, for a team that is “one of the favourites”, would be a big pull.

Simon Johnson of the Athletic Tweeted the following translation of the quotes:

As Johnson points out, this really puts Chelsea’s task in these final months of the season into perspective.

We’ve got to start winning, and soon, because how well we do in the concluding period of this spell affects who we can buy in the summer. The players we’re able to buy then go on to shape the whole future of the club in the next few years.