“He wasn’t ready for that”- Drinkwater’s latest nightmare as it happened on Twitter

We’ve really gone full circle with Danny Drinkwater, perhaps twice now.

At times we’ve really been furious, like when he injured himself in a nightclub brawl. Are those really the actions of someone who should be battling to recover their career?

Today though we just felt pity. The midfielder was thrown into the deepest deep end possible with a debut against Manchester City for Aston Villa on his latest loan.

It went… pretty badly. Let’s put it that way. They conceded 6, and Drinkwater was directly at fault for more than one.

Twitter was full of reaction, as you’d expect on a lazy Sunday with not much else on. Even Graeme Sounness was out there on Sky saying the midfielder “wasn’t ready for that type of game.”

It’s hard to argue with that.

Here’s a selection of the reaction the latest chapter in the Drinkwater tragedy: