“There is nothing imminent… there is no news” – Frank Lampard crushes transfer chatter

Frank Lampard is having his pre-match press conference ahead of our game with Newcastle tomorrow, and inevitably instead of being asked about the game itself, the presser began with a slew of questions about transfers.

He insisted, once again, in quotes picked up by Football.London that “there is nothing imminent… there is no news.”

We believe him. We can just tell from the temperature of the rumours that there’s nothing particularly close right now. The best indication that something is coming is the Olivier Giroud outgoing transfer, but given that’s not even done yet, we could easily be a week or more away from his replacement arriving.

“The window is open, and if there’s anything we can do to improve us, we will attempt to do it,” Lampard did later add, perhaps just to keep all the Sky journalists’ hopes up after they trekked all the way to Surrey to hear about big bids for Gabigol or whatever they were hoping for this time.

It’s frustrating to see no additions, but what difference does it make really at this stage. We’ve got a good enough team to go to Newcastle and win tomorrow. Once that’s done, we can worry about transfers.