Mason Mount has been playing through injury and fatigue as Chelsea’s thin squad struggles

Mason Mount was one of Chelsea’s best performers earlier in the season, but along with the overall results, his form has tailed off as we passed from the Autumn into Winter.

Today’s big Chelsea piece in The Athletic by insiders Simon Johnson and Liam Twoomey reveal that there are a few reasons for this.

We’ve all been able to see he’s tired. the midfielder has featured in 33 of our 34 matches this season. The as the months pass, his ability to make a dynamic impact on games with a burst of pressing or breaking upfield has faded.

But the article also reveals knowledge from insiders that Mount has been injured for long periods too. They cite the Champions League games against Valencia and Ajax where the midfielder took hefty blows to his ankle.

He may have been back playing next game in both circumstances, but he wasn’t fully fit, and he’s paying the price now for playing through those injuries.

Frank Lampard has continued to pick him, probably due to a simple lack of options. But that can’t continue forever.