Latest Chelsea youth team star leaves for reduced price

In his press conference earlier today Frank Lampard said that Chelsea’s transfer window was 95% done, and we might just have found out what the missing 5% was.

Clinton Mola has agreed terms with FC Stuttgart, leaving Chelsea for £400,000 and a 10% sell on fee. That low fee has been conditioned by his expiring contract, but it’s still a big blow.

The academy star has been a shining light for a few seasons in the youth team, and losing him just as he’s ready to enter men’s football is a massive blow.

It comes just a day after it was confirmed that Tariq Lamptey, Mola’s teammate from the youth ranks, will also be leaving on a cheap deal 6 months before his contract ends, in his case going to Brighton.

This is a worrying trend, and one wonders what can really be done – it’s hardly like any more opportunities can be made in the first team for youth players.