Lampard prepares to face media after massively frustrating January transfer window fail

Frank Lampard faces the media at Cobham this afternoon, and nobody knows what kind of mood he will be.

Perhaps we can imagine – it’s not going to be great. As January went on he made it increasingly clear that he wanted signings, and now with just 12 hours left it looks like he won’t get any.

We’re sure he will be diplomatic and politically savvy about the whole thing -but he won’t be able to totally hide the frustration he must be feeling. PLenty of people expected us to struggle to bring in top targets in this window, but not many expected us to reach February without a single new name.

He now will have to try and battle for the top four with the same squad he started the season with – and, in fact, the same team (apart from Christian Pulisic and the returning loanees) that Maurizio Sarri had last season.

Minus, of course, our best player from last season.

What a ridiculous situation to be in – can anyone blame the manager for being frustrated?