“You know the story…” – Wasteful Chelsea criticised on social media

It’s half-time in the Chelsea – Hull game and the Blues are winning.

So everyone on Chelsea Twitter is happy, right?


The fact we’re only winning 1-0 despite having had a host of chances is very frustrating. Normally a team gets away with it though, but given this has been our problem week after week recently, it’s getting a lot of attention from fans and from journalists in the stadium.

Of course if we come out in the second period and blow them off the park it will all be forgotten. But as it stands, we’re sleepwalking into conceding a sucker punch equaliser and seeing ourselves sent back to square one – or even worse, an FA Cup replay.

Let’s not forget we’re away from home here. As long as they are just one goal down, they will believe, and the atmosphere could get hectic if they’re pushing for a goal late on.

You can see a collection of the reaction on social media embedded below: